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Speaker: Hans Gelke

Currently, researcher in Embedded Computer Systems, lecturer of computer science, digital electronics and integrated circuits design.
Previously designed the first 32-bit fault-tolerant UNIX minicomputer, video special effects machines, medical diagnostics equipment and mobile phone chips. I lived and worked in the US, Germany and Switzerland.

I build my first digital electronics circuits with the age of 14 (1974) and, inspired by that, studied electrical engineering in Germany. After my studies I moved to San Francisco, California and worked for several companies in Silicon Valley. I participated in the design of the first UNIX 32-bit fault-tolerant minicomputer (Veritas), video special effects machines (Ampex) and medical diagnostics equipment (Siemens-Acuson). After 12 years in Silicon Valley, I moved to Switzerland and worked for Philips Semiconductors and designed integrated circuits for the mobile phone industry. I am now a researcher and lecturer for embedded Systems at ZHAW in canton Zurich, Switzerland. My hobbies are electronics, sports, travelling and bicycling



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