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Speaker: LordSpreadpointAmiga

Artist, Cracker, Demoscener, Hacker, Musician

After passing the highly gifted exam, Siegfried Kärcher began studying “fine arts” at the Ottersberg University of Applied Sciences, which he completed with a diploma in 2001. As a freelance artist, he founded a studio community on the studio ship in Frankfurt am Main that same year. This was followed by participation in exhibitions at home and abroad and various teaching positions in art, design and multimedia. He was a board member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists in Frankfurt and a representative at the state and federal levels. As a musician, he played hundreds of concerts at home and abroad.

He has been an active member of the hacker, demo and computer scene since the 1980s. He releases electronic music on the Frankfurt label collective Force Inc. and Mille Plateaux.

Since 2014 he has been organizing the Siegfried Kärcher Art Days in the Radom (Post War RAdar-DOMe) on the Mountain Wasserkuppe with changing guest artists.

Art awards (selection)
2014: 1st prize in art for Siegfried Kärcher's work "1984_ZUSE_hen" on the subject of computer science and society - computers and mind - aspects of determining the position of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.


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