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Speaker: Hugo Landau

A hacker and reverse engineer, I believe that computers should be under the control of their owners – and nobody else, in a world which seems to be headed in the opposite direction. I’ve been an owner control activist for over 20 years, having boycotted the upcoming Windows XP when I was 10 years old when I heard it would contain an anti-feature known as ‘product activation’. As functions such as DRM and Tivoisation, which are deliberately intended to work against the user, are added to more and more digital devices, I believe that the idea of hardware the individual user can trust to be on their side has never been more important, or more in danger. Much of my other work is focused on cryptography, decentralisation and mitigating mass surveillance. My fundamental mission is to create technology that empowers individuals. The computer is here to help you – but how often do you feel like that’s the case?

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