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Concert: Map.ache

House Live Set

Map.ache is Jan Barich, a Leipzig-based DJ-producer most widely known for his releases on Giegling, as part of the DJ duo Manamana, and work with KANN, the acclaimed imprint he runs with Alex Neuschulz (a.k.a. Sevensol) and Dennis Knoof (a.k.a. Bender). Promoting what they call "modern dance music," and with a discography that includes, among many other immensely talented artists, themselves, Traumprinz, and Falke, it's no surprise that the label is regarded so highly by deep house fans today.

Barich's story has been partly told before: growing up in Leipzig, he began playing the drums aged 14 and subsequently became involved in two band projects, namely Diario and The Hands Of The Wrong People—the former of which was a real success. Steadily, throughout the mid-'90s, he became increasingly interested in electronica, in part down regular visits to Conne Island, an alternative youth cultural center that hosted a rich musical program ranging across the entire spectrum. "It [Conne Island] certainly shaped my musical personality," Barich reflects.

Soon, however, he began attending illegal techno parties around the city, held in abandoned spaces in the twilight hours after Conne Island's doors had been closed. DJing and production started soon thereafter. He learned to do the former around the age of 14, though only started playing out in the early 2000s; while he taught himself the latter in 2003, inspired by the music he was being exposed too. He was, he says, a "shy bedroom producer" who lacked the self-confidence to share his music with labels, leading him to set up KANN in 2008 as an outlet for his productions and those of his partners. The imprint, without question, has been a success, seeing a wide number of wonderful releases and serving as a platform for Map.ache to share his work elsewhere: since quitting his job at Conne Island in 2014, the Leipzig-based artist has released a beautiful collection of musical works. He's certainly an artist on the rise, so what better time to catch up with him to reflect on his journey to date and plans for the future.


Day: 2018-12-28
Start time: 03:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Discodrama
Track: Music


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