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Dj set: LXC

Dub, Broken Beats, Drum&Bass

LXC is an audio tinker from Leipzig, creating pretty much everything between Ambient and Hardcore with a focus on broken beats, dubwise soundscapes and a hefty amount of sub bass.

Early sound research about 8 bit bassdrum sampling started about 1993, leading to a quite noisy Drum&Bass liveact around the years of 2000. The leipzig based label Phantomnoise pressed LXC's pretty harsh debut vinyl entitled Strukturbruch EP in 2002. Further releaes followed up on labels such as Offshore from overseas, Subtle Sudio from Dublin, Death$ucker from London, on the hamburg-based imprints Sozialistischer Plattenbau and Plainaudio and Tübingen's Santorin. These days one can find works on Zamzam's Khaliphonic and the latest compilation of Defrostatica, again from trade fair town. Or bare rave town?
Beyond exploring unheard music and non-music, the man like LXC is running his own cutting-edge drum&bass/jungle imprint called Alphacut Records, which got expanded into sublabels like 45seven and Alpha Cutauri. Also, LXC is promoting Bassmaessage, Alphacutility and more bassy nights in his home hood, operating Bassmaessage sound system, mastering and cutting lacquers at the RAND Muzik vinyl pressing plant and is looking after an endless amount of smaller projects about audible and visual confusion every now and then. No shit.

LXC sounds like:
Anti-clockwize-Drum'n'Bass, Scientific Dubber, Fakecore, Noskoolbreaks, Dumbstep, Reggaetomb, Deathhall, Gabbadub, Chip Hop, Phunkrock, Bambient, ...

LXC releases on:
45seven, Alphacut, Alpha Cutauri, Offshore, Subtle Audio, Bustle Beats, Modern Urban Jazz, Death$ucker, Zamzam's Khaliphonic, Defrostatica, Sozialistischer Plattenbau, Phantomnoise, Santorin, Plainaudio, Dhyana, Minor, Trash Tapes, Moniker Eggplant, ...


Day: 2018-12-28
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Discodrama
Track: Music


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