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Dj set: Ingo Boss


Ingo Boss was born in 1979 in Frankfurt am Main. At the tender age of 11, Ingo was already entranced by the new sound called techno that he had heard on the radio – two years later he already became acquainted with the wonderful things one can do with two decks and a mixer. As so many others, he was inspired by the music Sven Väth played at the legendary „Omen“ in Frankfurt where Ingo used to turn the night into day at the age of 15. In 1998 he had his first gig at the short-lived „U-Bahnstation Miquelallee“ in Frankfurt. In 2000, Ingo became a resident at a series of events called „Spectrum@MTW“, organized by the German music magazine GROOVE. That same year he published his first production „modes“ in cooperation with his studio partner Denis Engemann on PV Records and later on two mix CDs.

In 2001, Ingo went on a tour which also led him abroad for the first time: with PV Records and with the Delirium Recordstore on the occasion of their 10 year anniversary. In 2002, he began his residency at the „U60311“ in Frankfurt and he held it until he gave it up in 2004 in favour of Cocoonclub. Ingo’s breakthrough as a producer came in the form of his EP „Transistor“, which was released on Cocoon Recordings in 2003 and which contained the goosebump track „Little Eternity“. The track made it onto Sven Väth’s mix CD „Sound of the Fourth Season“.

On Christmas Eve 2004, Ingo made his debut at Cocoonclub where he played side by side with Sven Väth and 2Raumwohnung – he became a regular at Cocoonclub and pretty soon, he hosted the „micromized“ night with Chris Tietjen as co-host. In 2006, he and REBOOT made the successful remix of G-Man’s techno classic „Quo Vadis“. In november 2010, the industrious musician finally released his first album on TopModel Records. Ingo has been part of the Cocoon roster since 2009. In 2011 he launched his BEATPORT label called EUREKA Frankfurt. In February 2012 he released "Same Mind" - his second artist album - on Eureka. Later on followed by the „Same Mind Remixes“ abum incl. Remixes by Mark Reeve, Johannes Heil, Romano Alfieri, Dr. Shingo and many more artist. In this year he launched also his „insane“ Techno Release „Freakshow EP“ with a Neil Landstrumm Remix (EURK006). And a Co-Op Production with Mark Reeve on Cocoon Recordings („Initial Spark“ – COR12099). In August 2013 he decide to be an artist of CONTACT Booking agency.


Day: 2018-12-31
Start time: 02:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Discodrama
Track: Music


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