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Speaker: Rama Thiaw

Born 1978 is a Dakar based filmmaker and screenwriter.

Diana McCarty & Rama Thiaw
Diana McCarty lives and works in Berlin. She co-founded the renowned
free artists' radio FM,, the cultural
radio network and the faces-l international community for women in
media. As a cyberpunk in the 90’s, she was active in early netzkultur
with nettime, metaforum, and hackerspaces. McCarty
collaborates with the Luta ca caba inda project (the struggle is not
over yet).

Rama Thiaw (born 1978) is a Dakar based filmmaker and screenwriter.
She is best known for her 2009 documentary “Boul Fallé, la Voie de la
lutte” and her award winning documentary ”The Revolution Won’t be
Televised” (2016). Her films feature how social issues are amplified
through minor and major media - and expore which medias are most
relevant in specific contexts.



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