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Speaker: @tillkrause

Professor Dr. R. Funden – David-Copperfield Fellow (AKA Till Krause)

Till is an editor and investigative reporter at Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, the supplement of Germany’s major broadsheet newspaper. Ever since he studied Electronic Communication Arts as a Fulbright Scholar in the Bay Area in 2005, he is interested in all things tech, writing about surveillance, data protection and cybercrime. Till is also known as Professor Dr. R. Funden, a David-Copperfield-Fellow for Applied Sciences at various universities in Europe and Asia and a renowned researcher who has published his research in countless peer-reviewed journals. He holds a PhD from the non-existent University of Himmelpforten and is a laureate of the Pinocchio Award and CEO of IFABIR, the Institute of International Research.

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