Version Voltron

Speaker: Janina Abels

Since 2016 Janina is the go-to person for all international requests concerning She made it her task to collect, sort, refine, translate and provide information and tools for foodsaving enthusiasts around the globe.

After finishing her studies in linguistics she was getting ready to do the normal thing and look for a job, when all of a sudden and completely by chance she found herself becoming part of a community of tech-hippies, dumpster divers and eco-activists. She found her calling in the fight against food waste for which she applies her communicative and language skills. Furthermore, she started building some skills in web development and is maintaining Karrot.

Her utopia is a world where people freely share their trust and resources with each other, only to learn that this world is not such a bad place after all, and that human beings can be lovely, if you just treat them as lovable. From her perspective foodsaving is the way to get closer to this dream, because it's something concrete, through which interested and interesting people can come in contact with each other to finally get active, build real-life connections and experience self-efficacy.



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