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Speaker: Coco Sollfrank

Cornelia Sollfrank (PhD) is an artist, researcher and university lecturer, living in Berlin (Germany). Recurring subjects in her artistic and academic work in and about digital cultures are artistic infrastructures, new forms of (political) self-organization, authorship and intellectual property, techno-feminist practice and theory. She was co-founder of the collectives women-and-technology, - Innen and old boys network, and currently is research associate at the University of the Arts in Zürich for the project ‘Creating Commons.’ Her recent book "Die schönen Kriegerinnen. Technofeministische Praxis im 21.Jahrhundert" was published in August 2018 with transversal texts, Vienna. For more information, pls visit:

Loosely associated to CCC since the mid 1990s; done work on hacking and women hackers around the year 2000. Special interest in the relationship of gender and technology; combining artistic and activist strategies;

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