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Speaker: Manuel Aiple

Mechanical engineer by education and programmer by passion, I moved more and more to the robotics domain over the years, and am now finishing my PhD thesis in telerobotics at TU Delft, Netherlands.

After the end of my studies in mechanical engineering, I started working on human-robot interaction in the Telerobotics and Haptics Lab at the European Space Agency (ESA). This gave me a broad insight into electronics and software for real-time systems, including development of electronics and control software for an experiment that was performed on the International Space Station (ISS).
Then, I decided to begin a PhD thesis in this domain, which I hope to finish soon.
My research interests are how to make robots move as dynamically and robustly as humans, and how to map human motion to a remotely operating robot efficiently, for example for disaster recovery like at Fukushima.

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