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Investigative researching journalist for biggest german broadcaster ARD - focusing on new technologies.

Since 2007 Svea Eckert works as a freelance journalist for the public service broadcaster “Das Erste” (ARD). She is mainly researching and reporting on current events for PrimeTime news shows “Tagesschau” and “Tagesthemen”. Her main focus lies on new technology: current internet policies and digital society, economics and data protection policies.

In 2011 she released, as co-author, her first documentary “Weltmacht Wikileaks?”. Four more documentaries for "Das Erste" (ARD) followed. In 2012 she told the story about facebook and its then much speculated about IPO in her documentary “Facebook - Milliardengeschäft Freundschaft” (“Facebook - Billion Dollar Business friendship”). In 2014 her knowledge and her research during the NSA-affair ended in her first book “Überwacht und ausgespäht: Prism, NSA, Facebook & Co.” (“Monitored and spied out: Prism, NSA, Facebook & Co.”) which was published in the Lingen Verlag. In 2015 she published her recent documentary "Schlachtfeld Internet - Wenn das Netz zur Waffe wird" ("The Internet as a battlefield") where Edward Snowden was the main interview partner - she was researching in hundreds of secret NSA documents.

Svea Eckert studied “Journalism and Communications” and Economics in Hamburg. During that time she published articles and television broadcasts for numerous publishers and TV stations. Amongst them are “Spiegel TV” and “ZDF”. She also published for “DIE ZEIT” and “Financial Times Deutschland” during an internship at New York German Press. She completed her journalistic training at NDR, Hamburg and Hannover.


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