Speaker: Hendrik Obelöer

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I’m fascinated by the interplay of technology and society. Motivated by my interest to understand larger trends and powers in our society, I chose to study European Social and Political Studies at UCL in London.

Just starting to realise the ubiquitous nature of British surveillance, the Snowden revelations had a strong impression on me. Subsequently, I followed closely and was very happy about the opportunity to do an internship at during this summer. Besides finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I report about current developments in British civil rights issues.

I grew up in Lübeck and during my time in High School I participated in and chaired at several international student conferences. Not only did this create an interest in international politics, but also made me want to engage in shaping future discussions. Studying in London and Rome gave me the opportunity to understand different takes on civil liberties and duties – and it also reinforced my view that we need to take an active stand to defend them.

Striving to understand problems at their fundamental level and on a large scale, I am still convinced that change can also happen on a small scale. I did this for example as an elected student representative in School and University. Likewise, I took an active stand on many political topics and tried to advocate for a more just, free and inclusive society. At some point I wanted to discuss these views and be likewise challenged on them. That is why I started writing for Eureka, a student magazine about European issues, and later even lead it magazine as editor.

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