Speaker: Filippo Valsorda

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Filippo Valsorda (@FiloSottile) is a systems and cryptography engineer at Cloudflare, where he's developing the experimental TLS 1.3 stack in Go and he kicked DNSSEC until it became something deployable. Nevertheless, he's probably best known for making popular online vulnerability tests, including the original Heartbleed test.

Recent presentations

  • 32c3: "The plain simple reality of entropy"

  • GopherCon: "From cgo back to Go"

  • HOPE XI: "Stealing Bitcoin with math"

  • HOPE XI: "The code archive"

  • HITB2015AMS: "Non-Hidden Hidden Services Considered Harmful: Attacks and Detection"

  • 2014 "The Heartbleed test adventure"

  • HITB2014KUL: "Exploiting ECDSA failures in the Bitcoin blockchain"

Filippo teaches the closely related training „Breaking Bad Crypto“ on faulty cryptography designs and implementations and how to break them.
It was recently held at the DEF CON 21 and 23 CryptoVillage, 32c3, 31c3 and HITB2015AMS.

Find here the slides and links to videos, and here additional blabbing. The exploit kit is loaded only behind one of these links. Choose wisely.




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