Speaker: pesco


A coder by passion, a mathematician by training, lately an applied scientist of insecurity by profession. Cryptographer by night. Closet cypherpunk.

When I'm not playing video games or haunting karaoke bars, I spend my time on programming projects. I used to do a lot of Haskell but recently my life has turned into a downward spiral of functional programming in C. Yes, you read that right. I swear it's not as weird as it... yeah okay, it's weird.

I spent a good chunk of my lifetime enrolled as a student of mathematics. My thesis was about the particulars of one particular set of quantum-computer-resistant cryptographic algorithms (Lyubashevsky's identification scheme, if you must know). I finally managed to finish and am now employed at TUHH ("Hamburg University of Technology!") for a doctorate in IT security. I do SCADA-related parsing things there and call it LangSec.

My biggest claims to fame are probably my substantial contributions to the Hammer parser combinator library and the undisputed king of secure instant messaging, the bitlbee OTR plugin.

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