lecture: The Untold Story of Edward Snowden’s Escape from Hong Kong

and How You Can Help the Refugees Who Saved His Life

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On June 9, 2013, Edward Snowden revealed massive civil rights abuses by the NSA. On June 10, Snowden didn’t know where to hide.

Snowden’s revelations had started the greatest intelligence man hunt in history. The entire US secret service apparatus was looking for the American Whistleblower. Every policeman in Hong Kong was on the lookout. And hundreds of journalists were flooding the city to find the man who shocked the world.
No one could find him. On June 23, Snowden boarded a plane to Moscow. In the two weeks before that, he had simply been invisible.
For three years, these two weeks have been unexplained. Then, investigative journalist Sönke Iwersen from the German newspaper Handelsblatt filled in the gaps.
Today, Sönke will present the people who kept Snowden alive: rights lawyer Robert Tibbo, who is coming from Hong Kong to Hamburg to join us on stage. Ajith, a former soldier from Sri Lanka. Vanessa, a domestic helper from the Philippines. And Nadeeka and Supun, a refugee couple in Hong Kong.
Without any preparations, these five men and women were given an almost impossible task: Hide the most wanted man alive. This hour at 33c3 will tell how they succeeded. You will learn about Snowden’s days in hiding, the human rights situation for refugees in Hong Kong, and how you can help both Snowden and the refugees who saved his life. Also, you will hear the latest news on Edward Snowden himself. Lena Rohrbach from Amnesty International will tell you about the Pardon Snowden Campaign and how you can participate. Time is running out!

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