theater/performance: Hebocon

A sumo style robot battle for intentionally crappy robots!

Hebocon logo

Join with your derpy bot to fight your nemesis! Push it off the table or knock the enemy over. No weapons. No advanced controllers. No tears. Don't take it serious.

Hebocon is a robot sumo-wrestling competition for those who are not technically gifted. It is a competition where crappy robots that can just barely move gather and somehow manage to engage in odd, awkward battles. This kind of robot battles was invented to enable people to participate without much knowledge and financial resources. Robots should be built to be able to move (sometimes they don't), must be lighter than 1kg and smaller than 50x50 cm. The battlefield will be 100x50 cm. Don't use weapons, advanced self build controls or autonomous mechanisms. Winners will be determined by knockout, points and audience.

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