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Speaker: Filippo Valsorda

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Filippo is a cryptography engineer and developer. Known as the author of the public Heartbleed test (, he built the modern implementation of DNSSEC soon to be deployed by CloudFlare.

Recent presentations:
HITB2015AMS: „Non-Hidden Hidden Services Considered Harmful: Attacks and Detection“ [1]
DNS-OARC: „DNSSEC live signing at scale“ [2]
DC4420: „Superfish – Advert injection in SSL“ [3]
2014 „The Heartbleed test adventure“ [4]
HITB2014KUL: „Exploiting ECDSA failures in the Bitcoin blockchain“ [5]

Filippo teaches the closely related training „Breaking Bad Crypto“ on faulty cryptography designs and implementations and how to break them.
It was recently held at HITB2015AMS [6] and at the DEFCON 22 Crypto Village.




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