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Speaker: leomagnet

Futurefluxus aiweiwei jakoba pandaaktion 2015

Researcher into the social life of communities of constructed languages since the late 19th (VolaPük, Esperanto) and late 20th century (Python, etc.). He studied philosophy, composition and ancient languages in Germany, Israel and Austria. From 1996-2008 teacher of media theory for students of art, assistant to Prof. P. Sloterdijk and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Currently to be employed at the same institution in a ministry-funded project to research the international scenes of self-publishing and makers of recent artists´ books, released with or without ISBN.
Findeisen has published widely in several languages and keynoted events like Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Lead Awards, re:publica a.o., often teaming up with Markus Zimmermann.

Producer & Curator of projects like "Serious Pop" (2004) about aesthetic appropriation in South-Eastern Europe-revisited (w. Plastic People of the Universe, Darkwood Dub, Attwenger, E.Hutz/Gogol Bordello, photo exhibit. on Laibach a.o.);
co-founder of Transforming Freedom .org/.com (2005), an 'open archive for digital culture' with transcripts of lectures, talks and discussions and a parallel Video/Textnavigation. Initiator of the the first international meeting of Pirate Party funders in Vienna (2007), Vienna. Co-director of Future Fluxus research & production, 2010-.

Recent publication: B. Cella, L. Findeisen, A. Blaha (eds.): NO-ISBN-On Self-publishing, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König 2015 (de/en)

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