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Speaker: Susann Wagenknecht

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I am a sociologist interested in human-technology relations such as technology use, non-use, and forms that may be characterized as more or less than use.

I am an interdiscplinary researcher working at the intersection of sociology of technology, science and technology studies, and human-computer interaction research. I am currently working as a postdoc at the Department of Social Sciences, Siegen University.

I do not consider myself a hacker (I guess soldering a TV-B-Gone doesn't really count, huh?). But I find hacking personally inspiring and, as a researcher, utterly thought-provoking. Together with my collaborator, Matthias Korn, I have written an academic paper about GSM hacking (“Hacking as Transgressive Infrastructuring”), a line of study that we would like to continue. Our next project will be about the "Antagonisms of Repair: Security Research in Hacking Communities" (working title).

Giving a presentation about research about hacking at a hacking conference is, for me, a way to 'communicate back'---reporting back to hacking communities what research about hacking is actually about, how hacking is seen in certain fields of research, and why such research deems hacking relevant and valuable.

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