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Speaker: Gianteye


Matthew Borgatti is a maker, designer, and engineer. You may have seen monsters he's built, printed objects he's released, or watched videos he's made. Chances are there’s one of his passports hanging around at your hackerspace.

Matthew Borgatti is the founder and lead scientist at Super-Releaser, an open source soft robotics company dedicated to building the technologies that bring the robots out of the lab and into everyday life. They develop products, manufacturing methods, measurement equipment, and applications for soft robots. He earned a BFA in industrial design at RISD in ’07. Between then and now he's built a fleet of plotter robots for Bond, prototypes for NASA and Google, worked on 5 books, developed projects in house for Instructables, built kite powered racers for Makani, designed the CNC curriculum at TechShop, and animated a TV series for NOVA.

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