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Speaker: Gadi Evron

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Gadi is CEO and founder of Cymmetria, a cyber security startup, Chairman of the Board of the Israeli CERT and Founding Chairman of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Alliance. Formerly Gadi was VP at Kaspersky, and helped coordinate global incident response and information sharing.

He is widely recognized for his work in internet security operations and global incident response, considered the first botnet expert. He specializes in corporate security, cyber intelligence and cyber crime.

He was previously VP of Cybersecurity Strategy for Kaspersky Lab and led PwC's Cyber Security Center of Excellence, located in Israel. Prior to that Gadi was CISO for the Israeli government Internet operation, founder of the Israeli Government CERT and is a research fellow at the Yuval Ne`eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, at Tel Aviv University, working on cyber warfare projects.

Gadi authored two books on information security, organizes global professional working groups, chairs worldwide conferences, and is a frequent lecturer.

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