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lecture: Intelexit

Calling secret service agents to quit their jobs

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Giant billboard vans, drone-operated leaflet drops over an NSA building and calls to secret service agents, Intelexit explores all routes to reach out to secret service agents and convince them to follow their conscience and quit their jobs. We will take a look at the highlights of the campaign from 2015 and what's around the corner for 2016.

When we talk about government surveillance, we most often talk about it as a dark and menacing threat. But there are humans working day in and day out at secret service offices around the world, following orders, keeping secrets. How many of them feel ethically conflicted about their role in upholding these structures? How many of them might consider leaving and pursuing another career, if nudged in the right direction? Intelexit, an initiative produced by the Peng! Collective, reaches out to these people and offers them a friendly nudge and connects them with the right kinds of support if they wish to leave. Treading the line between art and activism, between spectacle and reality, Peng set up Intelexit to draw attention to the women and men working in the shadows, and to reach out to them. Intelexit was an experiment at first but it turned out to be very popular and needed, so it will continue into 2016 and it needs your help!

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