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lecture: Technology and Mass Atrocity Prevention

Overview on Current Efforts - We Need Moar H4x0rs?!

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This lecture will give an overview on how technology can help and is helping to prevent or mitigate mass atrocity crimes. It focuses on the work and research of the Digital Mass Atrocity Prevention Lab (DMAP Lab) but will discuss other major projects as well. The goal is to inform the audience about ongoing efforts and spark their interest to help work at the intersection of technology and human rights.

The lecture will span a wide arc over current efforts made in how to use technology in peacekeeping, mass atrocity prevention and mass atrocity documentation. It also will give a brief introduction on why this work is important using current (e.g. South Sudan, Syria) and past (e.g. Rwanda) cases. The projects described in the talk can be found in the link section but will have to be fleshed out in more detail until the CCC event. In short: it will be a "tour de force" through various human rights/technology projects to give the audience a wide perspective with which they can (hopefully!) find ways for future collaboration. The talk will also touch briefly on challenges and risks using technology in mass atrocity prevention - because we all know: technology has no morality and can be used for both good and evil.

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