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lecture: Top X* usability obstacles

*(will be specified later based on usability test with Ivana Jilekova)

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What do you want? Did you build your web/app for humans or NSA robots? Let's make it usable for human beings. I'd like to show you some basic design mistakes and how to avoid them to improve usability of your web or app. Why? Because it's worth it and I'm good in it.

"Under the candlestick is dark." Back to the roots. Everybody is talking about User Experience (UX), Human Centered Design (HCD) end-to-end flows, holistic approach but the devil is hidden in the details. I'd like to show you some of the most frequent mistakes in user interfaces and how to avoid them. From misplaced lines to microcopy worth millions. From broken flows to broken hierarchy.

If you fix your UI troubles you can gain much bigger reach than ever before. The main question remains up to you: Dou you like to improve usability of your service or stay in the darkness of misunderstanding.

With my tips will be your app/web for people as clear and bright as Czech crystal: No more confusions or misunderstanding. BTW: I'm the UX designer from (the online security company) from the Czech republic.


Day: 2015-12-30
Start time: 12:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Hall 2
Track: Failosophy
Language: en



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