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lecture: apertus° AXIOM

The first Open Source Cinema Camera

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AXIOM is the first professional, extendable, affordable and modular cinema camera platform based on Free ("libre") Software, Open Design, Open Hardware, transparent development processes and extensive documentation. The community project establishes an ecosystem that offers a sustainable basis for a broad spectrum of imaging applications and empowers enthusiasts, videographers as well as developers in the technology and creative industry sectors.

Since 2006 the apertus° community has been developing open tools to tackle demands of professionals working in contemporary video and film production. The community extends from renowned Directors of Photography in prominent Hollywood studios to emerging independent filmmakers, developers, artists and researchers all working from different locations around the world. AXIOM is a very ambitious project, using principles of FLOSS, extended on the whole design, production and software of a professional, modular cinema camera. With AXIOM, our ambition is to free film makers of the artificial limitations introduced through the “closed” products being available.

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