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lecture: re_cycle

Trash the prints, print the trash

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How can be 3d printing a dual use technology? Print more things, produce less waste, save money!

Each day 3D printers become cheaper and the internet gets filled with 3d files to print. With every 3d printer running the need for plastics and therefore the amount of waste produced (either through failed prints or normal end of life of the print) will grow. Even if there are things you won't need to buy anymore and the additional waste is compensated here, the reality shows that failed prints can't be ignored, 3d printers are used to print a lot of nonsense things (e.g. internet memes) and the lifetime of these prints is often below commercial grade products.

In this talk i'll present the difficulties in recycling plastic as well as the progresses or fails i've made.

How easy is it to recycle 3d prints or other wast in order print it again?
How often can this process be repeated? Does it save money?
Do the new prints look good?

As a special feature i'll try to collect some waste from the audience at the beginning of the talk and recycle it live on stage!

About me: i'm 25 years old and use 3d printers since several years and run 9 3d printers at this time. With so many printers, the amount of waste gets at a point where it feels like i would waste a lot of money and increase the negative environmental impact if i don't recycle the fails and unused prints. I brought several printers to events like 30-31C3, GPN13-14-15 or the CCCamp15 (you may remeber me as obelix, the guy with the tent full of 3d printers).

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