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lecture: Hacking EU funding for a decentralizing FOSS project

Understanding and adapting EU legal guidelines from a FOSS perspective

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FOSS and hacker culture meeting the EU buereaucracy. What can possibly come out of that? We'll discuss what is involved for FOSS projects and other interested parties to get $$$ funding by the European Union. Hackers deal with rule systems and their execution. And the European Union issues a lot of rules which are executed by the "commission" and its employees. Within the Horizon2020 framework programme Euros will be distributed towards research projects across Europe between 2014-2020. Shouldn't some of that money go to purposes deemed useful by 32c3 attendants?

No surprise, the formal rules a project has to live by just for an application proposal is somewhat amazing. FOSS hackers, on the other hand, are used to communicate and adapt to a multitude of programs and systems. Looking from the right angle, it can be interesting to understand how an EU funded project is supposed to work.

Even if you don't usually find arbitrary rule systems and their execution interesting you may learn some interesting bits and pieces about how (not) to interact with the EU - should you decide that your project is ready or desperate enough to go that way. Some of these "bits and pieces" can take weeks to research and be summarized in 3 minutes.

We'll specifically look and discuss how it played out for the NEXTLEAP
project which aims to research decentralized crypto protocols and
communities. Discussed in the hallways of 31c3 well after midnight it managed to receive 2 Million Euro in funding.


Day: 2015-12-27
Start time: 11:30
Duration: 01:00
Room: Hall 6
Track: Ethics, Society & Politics
Language: en



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