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lecture: G’scheitern

The art of failure taught by improv theatre


„Never ever say no, act your first thought and learn to love mistakes“ – these are the basic rules of improv theatre. I will show how this can be adopted for everyday life.

Improvisational theatre (short „improv theatre“) has a long history but still follows the same basic framework: be open minded and not afraid of yourself and others.
Keith Johnstone, the godfather of this genre, once said: „Good improvisers seem telepathic; everything looks pre-arranged. This is because they accept all offers made – which is something no ‘normal’ person would do.“ They can do so by learning that any mistake can be the origin of something great.
This can also be seen as a hack of the traditional arts form theatre: Create something awesome out of something awful.
The mantra behind is „if you fail, fail smartly“ or as we say in Austria G’scheitern.

There will also be a workshop for those who want to try out some improv theatre methods.


Day: 2015-12-28
Start time: 18:15
Duration: 00:30
Room: Hall 2
Track: Failosophy
Language: en



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