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lecture: Building and Breaking Wireless Security

Wireless Physical Layer Security & More...

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This talk gives an overview on state-of-the-art wireless security concepts: How can we analyze wireless protocols? How can we build mechanisms that are secure even when the attacker has unlimited computational power? Can we exploit wireless transmission for more?

Typically, wireless security is realized by implementing encryption on upper layers and replacing the wire with some wireless modulation schemes. Yet, there is more! For example, it is possible to build "NSA proof" systems or to use legacy WiFi frames as radar.

First, there will be a brief introduction on how to hack things with your rad1o badge and other cheap software defined radios. This is your chance to understand how radio waves look like and how to capture and process them :)

Second, the concept of wireless physical layer security is introduced. Based on this, information-theoretic secure systems for confidential communication and key exchange can be built.

Third, wireless transmissions contain a lot of additional information, since they get disturbed depending on the environment. Hence, we can extract positions of humans and even loudspeaker movements through walls.

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