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I'm a student at Politecnico of Turin, Electronic Engineering. I'm studying wireless networks and NFC with a friend of mine. I was a speaker at DEFCON 21 (OTP it won't save you from free rides)

I'm attending the first year at Politecnico of Turin, studying Electronic Engineering, however my secret love is for Physics. Who knows, maybe I will study it after my degree. So I'm just a student right now.
I'm fond of wireless networks, and I'm studying them with a friend of mine, a teammate.
This year (2013) we spoke at DEFCON 21 (here it is the clip ----> ) about how we exploited a bug in Mifare Ultralight tickets used in our city.
We have some projects for the future, as making some research on NFC payments, but we lack of money and of hardware too, as a result.

We accept any kind of donation, even Bitcoins



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