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Referent: Martin Herfurt


Martin Herfurt works as a security consultant with n.runs.

Martin Herfurt has always been fascinated by information technology. Since 1998, he is a regular visitor of the Chaos Communication Congress. After an internship in a telecommunications engineering lab at Hayward University (CA, USA) in 2000, he started to work as a scientist at a Salzburg-based research facility. Specializing in IP-network qualification he participated in two EU projects: AQUILA and INTERMON. As Martin Herfurt was holding lectures at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies, he explored the (in-)security of various wireless technologies. After he discovered a major security vulnerability in the Bluetooth-stack implementation of various mobile devices, he founded a group specializing in Bluetooth security. In 2006, Martin Herfurt successfully applied for innovation funding helping to found an Austrian company realizing a Bluetooth-centered application featuring embedded and web technology. In March 2011, Martin Herfurt started to work as security consultant for n.runs.

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