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Referent: Sara Sibai


Endlessly an educator, spoken word poet, hacker and TEDx organizer.

I teach drama at an IB World School in Beirut called Wellspring Learning Community. I'm also their service learning coordinator. That means I get do what I love while at school: connecting students to the community.
I'm an advocate of bringing back making into schools. City X project donated a 3D printer to us during a summer project, and we're working on finding ways to integrate it into our inquiry cycles.

I was part of the board running Beirut's first (and only, so far) hackerspace-- Lamba Labs, promoting inclusivity and diversity. Lamba Labs is undergoing a lot of changes so not sure where it'll be in a few months...

I love to transcend boundaries between art forms. My dream performance or jam session is where poetry, music and dance, and song intertwine organically. Nothing strips us more of all the masks we wear and hide behind.




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