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Vortrag: Perfect Paul

On Freedom of Facial Expression


The facial hacking research presented in this lecture/ performance exploits a well known vulnerability of the human nervous system that it can be easily accessed and controlled by electrodes mounted on the bodies exterior. External digital facial control allows for an unprecedented exploration of human facial expressiveness and has unveiled an unknown expressive potential of the human facial hardware.

Perfect Paul is a sequel to my (in)famous Huge Harry lecture/ performance in which a digital persona lectures on computer to human communication. This new lecture/ performance, in a highly condensed fashion, will present the results of my recently completed doctoral artistic research entitled: “Facial Hacking: The Twisted Logic of Electro-Facial Choreography.” Perfect Paul will demonstrate in a live computer versus human showdown the superior qualities of digital versus neural facial control. Perfect Paul, when performed for the first time in Bilbao, Spain won the Technarte 2012 Best Speaker Award.

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Tag: 29.12.2013
Anfang: 00:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:30
Room: Saal 6
Track: Art & Beauty
Sprache: en



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