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Vortrag: Glass Hacks

Fun and frightening uses of always-on camera enabled wearable computers


A one hour technical lecture that covers everything from machine learning and AI to hardware design and manufacture. Includes demonstrations of applications enabled by an always-on image capturing wearable computer. You'll leave with a clear understanding of the field's status quo, how we got here, and insight into what's around the corner.

Always-on camera enabled wearable computers, like Google Glass and Lambda Hat, enable a variety of slightly creepy, but undeniably useful applications.

For the past few months, I've worn a computing device that takes pictures every few seconds. I run facial detection over the image stream, pulling out every face I have seen. Soon, we'll be able to conduct mass facial recognition using this data. Other applications include detecting license plates and automatically uploading them to a public GPS tagged website.

This talk will cover the history, state of the art, and future of wearable computing, machine learning, and the privacy implication of this technology.

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