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Vortrag: Hardware Attacks, Advanced ARM Exploitation, and Android Hacking


In this talk (which in part was delivered at Infiltrate 2013 and NoSuchCon 2013) we will discuss our recent research that is being rolled into our Practical ARM Exploitation course (sold out at Blackhat this year and last) on Linux and Android (for embedded applications and mobile devices). We will also demonstrate these techniques and discuss how we were able to discover them using several ARM hardware development platforms that we custom built. Where relevant we will also discuss ARM exploitation as it related to Android as we wrote about in the "Android Hackers Handbook" which we co-authored and will be released in October 2013.

Lastly, we will also discuss some of our most recent related hardware research (to facilitate the above) which will include bus protocol eavesdropping/reverse engineering, demystifying hardware debugging, and surreptitiously obtaining embedded software (firmware) using hardware techniques. We will demonstrate and show the supportive tools used and techniques developed to perform this work and deploy them against Apple MFI iAP devices, and multimedia devices using OEM implemented USB stacks. (Which will briefly include our experiences around starting where we sell a fully assembled modified version of a hardware USB fuzzer.)

Along the way we will inevitably share some of the lessons we also learned while completely designing the hardware (from scratch), writing the firmware, and mobile apps for an embedded security device called Osprey that we hold the patent for and have been publicly about publicly as a hardware vulnerability assessment swiss-army-knife for researchers.


Tag: 28.12.2013
Anfang: 17:15 Uhr
Dauer: 01:00
Room: Saal 1
Track: Security & Safety
Sprache: en



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