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Axel Arnbak is a researcher and Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Information Law. His research will focus on the regulatory aspects of cybersecurity.

Upon obtaining his LL.M. in 2009, Axel joined Bits of Freedom, the Dutch digital rights organization that had resumed its activities just before. Until mid August 2011, Axel was responsible for privacy advocacy and worked on both a national and European level.

Axel was awarded the internet law oriented Internet Thesis Award 2009 and general University of Amsterdam Thesis Award 2010 for his Master's thesis on the fundamental rights aspects of the EU Data Retention Directive and its Dutch implementation. At 27c3, he gave an update of the Brussels inertia on Vorratsdatenspeicherung, which is a much better term to describe the systematic surveillance that the perverse scheme entails.


a dot m dot arnbak at uva dot nl

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