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Romantic Hackers

Anne Marggraf-Turley & Prof. Richard Marggraf-Turley

Romantic Hackers: Keats, Wordsworth and Total Surveillance Anne Marggraf-Turley and Professor Richard Marggraf Turley (Aberystwyth University)

Professor Richard Marggraf Turley is author of three books on Romantic authors, including most recently Bright Stars: John Keats, Barry Cornwall and Romantic Literary Culture (Liverpool University Press, 2012). He is Co-director of the Centre of Romantic Studies at Aberystwyth University.

Anne Marggraf-Turley worked in Germany as a computer technician and technology teacher, and now works in the Department of European Languages at Aberystwyth University

Both live 30 miles from Aberporth, the largest drone test site in Europe, on the former site of West Wales airport.


anne dot marggraf dot turley at gmail dot com

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