29C3 - Version 1.9


Luka Perkov
Day Day 1 - 2012-12-27
Room Saal 6
Start time 12:45
Duration 01:00
ID 5112
Event type Lecture
Language used for presentation English

ISP's black box

provisioning behind the scenes

This talk is aimed to give an insight into CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) and its GPLv2 implementations that were developed in the past year.

CWMP (often called only TR-069) enables ISP to remotely configure, manage, upgrade and troubleshoot Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) aka your home DSL router. It is a vendor agnostic standard used to manage at least one device per customer. The protocol, used on more then half a billion devices, will be discussed in detail.

GPLv2 CWMP related software will also be presented:

  • freecwmp is a CWMP client for (but not limited to) OpenWrt
  • freeacs-ng ACS server
  • mod_cwmp nginx CWMP proxy module
  • libfreecwmp library keeps the shared code in one place
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