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28th Chaos Communication Congress
Behind Enemy Lines

Reporters Without Borders
Tag Day 4 - 2011-12-30
Raum Saal 1
Beginn 12:45
Dauer 01:00
ID 4742
Veranstaltungstyp Treffen
Track Society and Politics
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From Press Freedom to the Freedom of information

Why every citizen should be concerned

This talk is about:

  • Information freedom and the issues for the citizens
  • RWB ressources: a “human network”
  • RWB needs: Get involved!

** Freedom of information and citizen issues

  • Why defend media freedom, journalists and bloggers? Because without a free press, no cause can make its voice heard, no human rights violation can be reported.

Specific examples of information vital to the public (links below): - the tainted baby formula scandal in China exposed by the netizen Zhao Lianhai, who was arrested as a result - Organized crime denounced by netizens, some of whom have been killed. Rascatripas, the moderator of the Nuevo Laredo en Vivo website, murdered on 9 November 2011 - RWB sees how the media and methods of spreading news and information are evolving, and is adapting to the changes - RWB helps all kinds of “information producers” including professional journalists and bloggers and takes positions on the problems specific to new media WikiLeaks hounded - Capacity building and e-advocacy: RWB provides bloggers, cyber-dissidents and journalists with the means to continue reporting and circulating information. Provision of censorship circumvention tools (including VPN) and online security training, circulation of viral campaigns, awareness campaigns, information about online risks.

** RWB’s resources: a “human network”

  • A human network: 150 correspondents worldwide + informal contacts
  • Strong lobbying capacity (European Parliament and Washington)
  • A legal committee
  • Handbook for Bloggers and Handbook for Journalists during Elections
  • Training (in Thailand, in Paris in February, in China and elsewhere in the future)
  • Virtual Shelter project: Creation of electronic safe and website for hosting censored content

** RWB’s needs: Get involved!

  • Need for people whose technical skills can help us to evaluate a country’s Internet, by carrying out tests to determine the filters used, the presence of Deep Packet Inspection and so on.
  • Need for technicians who can tell us about the safety of the various communications methods used. Which governments monitor Skype, IRC, BBM, and Google Talk? Which email service or VoIP to use?
  • Need for the help of experts in viral marketing, search engine marketing and information monitoring.
  • Need for contacts in companies that cooperate with Internet censorship (or former employees)
  • Need for the help of jurists in different countries to analyze the growing number of laws that regulate the Internet
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