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28th Chaos Communication Congress
Behind Enemy Lines

Wes Faler

Wes is Head of Software Development for the Part-Time Scientists (PTS). PTS is participating in the international competition "Google Lunar X-Prize".

The $30 million Google Lunar X-Prize (GLXP) was created in 2007 by the X-Prize Foundation with the goal of creating lunar exploration missions that are least ninety percent privately financed. There are currently 29 teams from 17 countries in the competition. A $20 million grand prize will be awarded to the team that fulfils all requirements of the GLXP on or before December 31st 2015. If a publicly funded mission completes a similar mission first, the prize is reduced to $15 million. With this competition Google wants to advance private space exploration missions, as well create more advanced and cost-effective solutions for the space industry.

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