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28th Chaos Communication Congress
Behind Enemy Lines


I am a software engineer from Istanbul, currently working on my PhD thesis on Bayesian computational methods with Taylan Cemgil in Boğaziçi Uni. CMPE Dept.

I was born in Ankara, 1983. I am programming since 1992 and playing games since time immemorial. My first computer was an Amiga 500. Through my education, I went on to code interesting programs in my spare time; small experiments to see what we can do and show by software: Physical simulations, mathematical tools, textual toys, small games with AI, etc.

In university, I studied Computer Engineering and undertook projects in diverse fields such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, image processing and machine learning. My MS thesis was on object tracking in digital video. Currently, I am studying Bayesian models and implementing probabilistic inference methods for my thesis.

We also have a band, and published an album: Sakareller – Beş Dakika Daha




fidaner at gmail dot com

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