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28th Chaos Communication Congress
Behind Enemy Lines


Jonathan is a security research engineer holding an Engineering degree and a Master in Artificial Intelligence. Born in France, he’s been living in Brazil and India, before currently working in Australia. With about 15 years of practice of assembly, he is specialised in low level security, from raw sockets to cryptography and memory corruption bugs.

He has been credited for the discovery of complex vulnerabilities in cryptographic software (eg: Microsoft Bitlocker, Truecrypt, and most BIOS software of the market including HP, Intel or Toshiba ones most notably), mainstream software (Opera web browser, adobe reader, top tiers antivirus softwares) and Virtualization software. He is currently working as Senior Security Consultant and CEO at the Toucan System security company (http://www.toucan-system.com).

Jonathan is also the co-organiser of the Hackito Ergo Sum conference (HES) in France. Jonathan has been a speaker at a number of great intenational conferences including Blackhat US, Defcon, HITB (Amsterdam & Kuala Lumpur), Ruxcon (Australia), Hackito Ergo Sum (France), and is a recurrent speaker at H2HC (Brazil & Mexico).

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