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28th Chaos Communication Congress
Behind Enemy Lines

Simona Xnet
Tag Day 3 - 2011-12-29
Raum Saal 2
Beginn 17:15
Dauer 01:00
ID 4748
Veranstaltungstyp Film
Track Culture
Sprache der Veranstaltung englisch

The best of The oXcars

the greatest free/Libre culture show of all times

The Best of the oXcars!

OXcars is fun. oXcars is empowering the people.

Presentation and screening of the best of the oXcars 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

Because their business is not our business. Every year, in Barcelona 1500 people gather for the biggest free/libre culture Show of all times ;-). Artists and performers from all areas of Spanish and international culture take part in a "Gala";-) in which artists say "Not in my name" to the commercialisation of culture, "Not in my name" to limiting the potential of digital media and to criminalization of the Internet. Civil society demands the 'lost profits' of all the knowledge that is being withheld and stolen from public use in the name of private profits.

http://oxcars11.whois--x.net/en/ http://oxcars10.whois--x.net/en/ http://oxcars09.whois--x.net/en/ http://whois--x.net/proyectos/oxcars-08

X.net (since 2008) - http://whois--x.net/ X.net (previously Exgae) aims to provide citizens with creative and legal skills that they can use to put an end to the monopoly and activities of the cultural industries groups and their private goals. X.net fights alongside the great majority of society for the growth of new forms of circulation of culture. It's the first Spanish legal advisory service specialised in protecting citizens from the abuses of cultural industries lobbies and royalty management and collecting societies. X.net developments and drafts proposals for intervention on legislation, organises cultural events that aim to “normalise” free culture production and diffusion practices and make them known to the general public; creates viral campaigns and lobby groups from the civil society like the FCForum (http://fcforum.net).

One of X.net’s public activities is the annual oXcars event, the world’s biggest free culture show ;-). The oXcars is a showcase for artists and creators who have pioneered the changes in knowledge and cultural production thanks to the potential of new technologies, and seeks to defend society’s right to use them. The oXcars are also a way to make the free culture movement mainstream, a bridge between free culture works and artists and the general public. The oXcars inform, make free culture visible and magnify it, and thus empower citizens.

Each number that is presented in the show it is an excuse to explain a topic: the right to quote, the right to share, net neutrality, P2P networks, online free art, free beer :-) etc etc. We have prepared a screening session to show you this amusing Show.

http://oxcars11.whois--x.net/en/ http://oxcars10.whois--x.net/en/ http://oxcars09.whois--x.net/en/ http://whois--x.net/proyectos/oxcars-08 http://whois--x.net/english/the-oxcars/oxcars08

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