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Day Day 1 - 2010-12-27
Room Big workshop (B04)
Start time 16:00
Duration 03:00
ID 4324
Event type Meeting
Track Let's talk about...
Language used for presentation English

From state IDs to Web of Trust based identity

removing dependency on goverments in managing your identity

Session dedicated to look how we can use current IT technologies to provide alternative systems to current, bureaucratic, dependent on states systems. We will look at potential of ['web of trust']() as decentralized and non authoritarian system.

Many people nowadays chooses to keep tradition of nations and countries. Way of thinking which comes from the times when majority of residents of our planet believed in 'flat earth'. More and more people chooses to move away from this way of looking at world. Unfortunately we still don't have established systems which can provide alternative form of managing you identity. Those who choose to say 'bye bye' to their nationalities an related with them IDs can find helpful to have some alternatives available.

Modern technologies, in particular information technologies give us tool to create alternatives and make current bureaucratic systems obsolete.'Web of trust' gives us model which doesn't require authorities as governments.

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