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Day Day 2 - 2010-12-28
Room Big workshop (B04)
Start time 17:30
Duration 02:00
ID 4307
Event type Workshop
Track Let's talk about...
Language used for presentation English

Hands-on DNA forensics


Learn about the concepts and ideas behind DNA fingerprinting, extract your own DNA from mouth swabs, and determine your own genetic fingerprint using PCR and gel electrophoresis.

Genetic fingerprinting has become ubiquitous in crime investigation. Initially only used in finding the perpetrators of grave crimes such as murder and rape, it has by now become routine to also employ them in cases of property crimes such as theft and burglary. Huge databases containing the genetic fingerprints of convicts as well as suspects have been created and continue to grow. In 2008, a group of Israeli scientists has published a paper that documents the relative ease with which DNA forensic evidence can be faked. Worth investigating? We sure think so. This workshop is meant as a first step in that direction.

Workshop participants will

  • learn about the concepts and ideas behind DNA fingerprinting
  • extract their own DNA from mouth swabs
  • determine their own genetic fingerprint using PCR and gel electrophoresis

Ideally, this workshop will also include a brainstorming session on how to make the 2008 paper applicable in practice, but this depends entirely on the enthusiasm of the participants.

All the necessary devices and materials will be supplied. Since the consumables in this workshop are rather pricey, participants are kindly asked to donate some money to cover the cost of the materials.

This workshop will be limited to ten attendees due to limited working materials and devices. Please register by sending an e-mail to lisa@berlin.ccc.de, first come, first serve.

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