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We workshop in peace

Day Day 2 - 2010-12-28
Room Bigger Workshop (A03)
Start time 17:30
Duration 02:00
ID 4304
Event type Workshop
Track Let's talk about...
Language used for presentation English

Meditation for Hackers workshop

Techniques, not woo

At this workshop you'll learn and practice several classes of practical techniques for changing your mindstate both immediately and long-term - without any of the usual dogma, religious proselytization, or woo.

Bonus: you might know about Xenu, but do you know about TR-0 Bullbait and TR-8 Tone 40 on Object? Understanding Scientology's actual internal techniques is critical to understanding why they act the way they do - and to inoculating yourself against similar techniques.

Bring comfy clothes and a willingness to shut your electronics off for two hours.

Tags: #27c3 #meditation @saizai (emails also appreciated)

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