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Day Day 1 - 2010-12-27
Room Big workshop (B04)
Start time 22:30
Duration 03:00
ID 4329
Event type Workshop
Track Fantalicious Arts
Language used for presentation English

Kombucha Workshop Part 1

Preparing probiotic kombucha beverage as food hackers do!

We will prepare kombucha probiotic drink as food hackers. That means in a efficient, clever and fun way. We will learn what is the culture, composition of the ingredients and how to transform them in to a delicious and healthy drink, tasting provided. Cultures will be handed out to the interested.

This workshop will focus on preparation of kombucha probiotic beverage, hands on experience. We will learn what are the micro-organisms which we work with and their preferences and needs. We will go through the differences in ingredients which we use for the fermentation and their effect on the process. We will see how to plan the very fermentation process focusing on things like temperature optima and oscillations, changes in SCOBY development, pH etc. We will also do harvest and flavour the drinks exploring the differences in flavours and caffeine content. We will go through the preservation of the cultures for longer periods of time. There will be also experimental part were we do some "kombucha" interbreeding etc. Everyone is welcome to take home the mother culture "SCOBY" to be able to continue with brewing at home and of course you can take some drinks too!

Suggested donation for the course is 5 Euro per person to pay for ingredients and equipment. Donations for further promotion of food hacking are highly appreciated!

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