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Day Day 1 - 2010-12-27
Room Big workshop (B04)
Start time 19:30
Duration 02:30
ID 4305
Event type Workshop
Track Brzzzzzzzzzzz!
Language used for presentation English

Home Brew IPTV head-end

Building your own IPTV head-end

TV services are evolving, both delivery mechanisms and end devices. This session is about building an open source video head-end for your home/lab/office to allow multiple end devices to receive those services.

This session will focus on how to build an IPTV streamer that can receive TV and radio services from multiple sources to be redistributed over your local network. The emphasis is on the head-end part to allow the independence from any receiving solution. It being integrated or not.

First we will look the basics related digital TV and radio services. Next we will plan the reception requirements for those digital terrestrial, satellite and cable services. Then we will move into the hardware section to cover those requirements.

We then look at the network requirements and some of the software packages that can deliver these IPTV head-end services.

We also briefly touch on some applications that can receive these services.

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