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We workshop in peace

Day Day 4 - 2010-12-30
Room Hardware Hacking Area (A04)
Start time 10:00
Duration 08:30
ID 4320
Event type Workshop
Track One side is hot...
Language used for presentation English

Hardware Hacking Area

A Place To Make Things (And Learn To Make Things)

The Hardware Hacking Area will be open throughout 27C3 for you to come and make things, and learn to make things. Open to one and all. All ages. All skill levels. Workshops will be given 24 hours a day, led be several experienced teachers. Learn to solder. Make cool things with electronics. Make 3D models with a MakerBot. Play with RFID. Give your own workshop. All this and much more.

You are welcome to come by the Hardware Hacking Area to learn to make things, or to use our tools to make (or fix) your own projects. You are also welcome to use the Hardware Hacking Area to teach your own workshops. The Hardware Hacking Area is located in the basement of BCC -- follow the signs.

The Hardware Hacking Area will always be open, 24 hours a day, from start to finish of 27C3.

Workshops will be going on continually, all day, all night, led by several experienced teachers that can teach anyone to solder and make cool things.

Stop by the tables full of solder irons and make something cool! Everything is designed for total beginners, so even if you've never even sewn a button, you Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers can teach you to solder and to make cool things with microcontrollers. Join the fun, as hundreds have at at CCC events since 24C3. Plenty of parts and kits are available, including Brain Machines, TV-B-Gones, Trippy RGB Waves, Mignonette Games, LEDcubes, LOL shields, Atari Punk Consoles, and other fun projects you can make and take home with you. Mitch, Jimie, and others will be there day and night showing you everything you need to know. Learn to solder, Turn off TVs in public places, trip out to your brain waves, move objects, play games, make art, blink lots of loghts, make noise -- you can make microcontrollers do it all. It's easy, it's fun, and you can do it!

Fabienne, creator of HardHack, will be there with lots of solder irons and tools.

MakerBot will be there for you to make just about any 3D object you desire (and to show off their ultra cool 3D printer kit).

Hackable Devices will be there with lots of tools and cool kits that you can make.

We will also have lots of power tools available to make and fix all sorts of your projects.

Feel free to come by and teach your own workshop in the Hardware Hacking Area. (Last year there was a Cantenna workshop, a Mikrocopter workshop, a GSM workshop, and others.)

What: Hardware Hacking Area to make (and learn to make) cool things When: All day and all night throughout 27C3 Where: Hardware Hacking Area, in the basement Who: Anyone and everyone can have fun learning to make cool things. Ages 8 to 100 Cost: Instruction is free, parts costs (if you use kits to take home with you): between €5 to €30

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